**SOLD** Beyond Gentle & Sweet, Beginner Safe Trail QH Mare

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    For Sale
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    14.2 hands
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    1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    13 yrs
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Lakota is a 13yr old 14.2 hand tall Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare. This girl is worth her weight in Gold, and is the horse that 90% of people out there need!! She is as gentle as she is pretty, and a very kind beginner safe trail horse. Lakota is as Honest as the day is long, and does not try to ever take advantage of her rider, but goes along with everything you ask of her, and does whatever it takes to please you. She has a very easy way of going, and such a willing attitude. Lakota has a heart of gold, and a pair of Angel Wings, when it comes to taking care of people. She has a very sensible mind, and is very forgiving and does not get upset with peoples mistakes. She is very nicely trained, and neck reins, direct reins, rides with outside leg cues, perfect brakes, and extremely easy to sidepass. No matter what speed Lakota is doing, she always has a lowered head, and rides very relaxed. She has all of the cues built into her, but is not overly sensitive to them, so in no way over-trained for a beginner. Lakota is a horse that will actually teach someone how to ride, and would make an excellent lesson horse. She is a trail horse "deluxe", and could trail ride blindfolded! Lakota will not hesitate or question a single thing that you ask of her, and crosses everything she can get her legs over, goes right into any depth of water, will make a new trail for you, and rides along with traffic and dogs. Lakota leaves it up to you, and you can head out all day long riding alone, or in a group of horses, and she will act perfect in either situation. On the ground, her manners are just as flawless ad they are under saddle, and she always respects your space, walks right along side of you, and comes right up to you in the pasture. Lakota will stand quietly tied all day long, stands for tacking and mounting, and steps right up into the horse trailer for hauling. She is an absolute doll-baby, and about as sweet as they come! I think Lakota feels that her job in life is to take care of you, instead of the other way around! **Lakota has been seen by a vet and received a new Coggins, and has been given her vaccines and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1jPQj05pLM Call 314-608-1800


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