**SOLD** Smooth, Gentle & Very Personable TWH Trail Gelding

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    For Sale
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    14.3 hands
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    1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    6 yrs
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Titan is a 6yr old 14.3 hand tall Black Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. Very personable and adorable little guy! Titan is an extremely nice, relaxed and smooth riding Walking Horse. He is very content to walk along all day with the reins just hanging on his neck. Give him a kick, and he will go into a really smooth slow and medium speed gait. He has a really curious and willing attitude, and is happy to do anything that you ask of him. He will ride off alone or with other horses, and is very surefooted on the trails, not clumsy at all. Titan will cross anything, and takes his time and does so carefully. He is not a go-ey gaited horse, but instead does whatever speed he is asked to do. His previous owner wanted to start doing Field Trials, but Titan just did not have that "high" gear that was needed, as he rides more relaxed and mellow. He bonds very strongly with his "person", and grows to adore whoever is messing with him. He direct reins, knows outside leg cues, backs, and has wonderful brakes. Wherever you tie Titan, he is content to stand there all day long, until you are ready for him. He has a really sweet personality, and to very much please his owner. Sometimes I forget that he is only 6yrs old, because he is so willing and nice riding, and if there is something he is unsure of, all you have to do is talk to him, and he'll trust you completely and do anything for you. What is neat about Titan is, that he will drop his head and walk along with Quarter Horses all day long, or stretch his legs and move out with the Gaited Horses...he pretty much adapts to whatever situation you have him in. He stands for tacking up and mounting, whether it be from the ground or a mounting block. He calmly walks off from the barn and his buddies, and will return and leave as many times as you ask him. He is excellent with his feet, and will even keep trying to hand you his hoof if you reach down and touch his leg. Once he bonds with you, it's unlimited what this boy will do for you, and just eats up any praise that you give him! **Titan has been given all of his vaccines and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt8_8vn7zX0 Call 314-608-1800


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