**SOLD** Smooth As Glass Gait, Super Gentle, Mild Mannered, Very Easy To Ride

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    For Sale
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    15.3 hands
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    1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    12 yrs
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Classy is a 12yr old 15.3 hand tall Jet Black Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. She is the whole package...Amazingly smooth riding, very mild mannered, super gentle, and very, very easy to ride! When I say smooth, she feels like you are literally floating when she gaits, you never even feel her hooves hit the ground. Her 4-beat gait is as true as they come, and never will you see a hoof rise, until the other 3 are planted on the ground. Classy is the type of gaited horse that you ask for a gait, or else she just walk along in a very relaxed manner. If you do not like to kick a horse, she will also ride by voice commands. To get her to start walking, you say, "let's go girl", to gait, just kiss or cluck to her, and to stop or slow down, just pick up your slack in the reins and say either walk or whoa. Her manners are absolutely exquisite, and there is no fuss or disobedience from her. She can gait at a slow little stroll, or she can get up and get moving if asked, and is smooth as glass no matter what her speed is. Even her walk is so comfortable, and not a bit of "camel walk", as many tall Walking horses have. She was owned and raised from a baby by an elderly man that can no longer get up on her, due to her size. She would make the perfect husband horse, for someone needing a bigger horse that is very mellow and easy to ride. Classy stands perfectly still for tacking up, and never moves when being mounted from the ground, mounting block, or even the fender of your trailer. Her daddy taught her well! Classy has me drooling every time I ride her....I only wish my personal mare acted and rode as nicely as Classy!!! You cannot get on this girl and be disappointed, as you just let the reins hang there, and enjoy the ride! Anyone that rides gaited horses, know that most do not have much of a reverse, but Classy will back all the way down the road for you when asked. She has always been used for trail riding, and is extremely surefooted, and knows her way around the trails. Please, someone buy this wonderful girl quickly, before I keep her, and get disowned by my husband for having too many personal horses!! (LOL) She adores being loved on and groomed, and will give affection right back to you, but is never, ever pushy or disrespectful in any shape or form. This one was raised right! Classy has been seen by a vet and received a new Coggins, given all vaccines and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt8_8vn7zX0 Call 314-608-1800


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