**SOLD** Smooth & Very Well Mannered TWH Trail Mare

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    For Sale
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    14.2 hands
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    1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    12 yrs
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Scarlett is a 12yr old 14.2 hand tall Bay Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. Gorgeous girl, with a very stout and stocky build, and thick and wavy mane & tail. Not at all built like most of your lean and gangly TWH's, but very substantially built, and very elegant looking. Scarlett is a very fluid and graceful mover, and extremely comfortable to ride. She has a very soft and floating gait, with lots of smooth action in her movements. Scarlett has extensive trail experience, and doers not hesitate with any kind of obstacle presented to her on the trail. Scarlett was the husbands horse, and I also have Gemini, a black TWH, that belonged to the wife. They are a wonderful and nice riding pair, and have done tons of trails riding and camping. She is a very nicely trained mare, and has had a lot of work put into her. She neck reins nicely, backs, and has an instant set of brakes on her. If you tell her to whoa, she stops on a dime, and freezes, no matter where her legs are, that's how she stays. She will not move while being tacked up, helps you with bridling, and will not attempt to make a movement when mounting, until nudged to move. Scarlett has quite a few different speeds on her, and will do a slow or quick Flat Footed Walk, and will stroll along in her Running Walk, or can flat out boogie on down the road when asked to do so. She does not go any faster than a walk until cued, and once in her gait, will not break it, unless asked to slow down, or kicked to go into a nice Rocking Chair Canter. All of her movements are very smooth and fluid, and you are never bounced or jarred in the saddle. She rides in a Myler Comfort Snaffle, and there is no need for any kind of severe gaited bit with her. Very well mannered, and very self disciplined. She rides great alone, or in a group of horses, and does not even answer if her buddie is left at the barn and calling for her. On the trail she is very confident and surefooted, and uses her brain before engaging her feet. Scarlett does not hesitate to go where asked, but does not rush thru things, and will pick her way thru rough or tricky terrain. She is not spooky or snorty, and is not bothered by traffic, wind, or commotion going on around her. Scarlett is a nice level headed girl that will ride at any speed you want, but always waits for you to choose how you wish to ride. She is a very kind and good natured horse that like attention and love, but is in no ways pushy or demanding for it. There is no buck, rear, kick or bite at all from her, and the ears never even go back when she is being cinched up. She is a very fun girl to ride, because she always lets you choose how you are going to ride that day, and does not have a cranky or marish attitude with anything. Very easy to catch, stands tied, does not get upset if the rope gets over her head, and loads and hauls quietly. This is the kind of mare I would pick to ride, due to her smoothness and good natured attitude. **Scarlett has received a new Coggins, and has been given all vaccines and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCNijXXcKAM Call 314-608-1800


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