**SOLD** Very Kind & Loving Buckskin Mare, VERY Gentle

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    For Sale
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    14.2 hands
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    1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
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    11 yrs
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Serenity is an 11yr old 14.2 hand tall Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare. If you are looking for a kind and loving little girl that wants to be your best friend, then that is definitely Serenity! This girl has the biggest heart, and saying that she loves people, is quite the understatement. She greets you and talks to you constantly, follows you all over the place, and just melts with any attention that is given to her. She's just a big cuddle bug, that never causes a single problem in her life. Serenity doesn't know how to be mean, and I guarantee she wouldn't even know how to buck or do anything wrong. I've kept her here for 6 months with us, because I can put anyone in the world on her. We['ve said since day one, that we can picture a little girl just worshipping Serenity, and vice versa! She is a very slow and mellow riding horse, and you are hard fetched to even get a canter out of her. She walk along with a lowered head, and has the nicest little smooth and enjoyable trot. Serenity neck reins, direct reins, knows outside leg cues, backs, and has perfect brakes. She rides with a snaffle bit or hackamore, and she is more whoa than go...just pick up on the reins an say "whoa", and Serenity comes to a stand still. She rides out alone, or with other horses, and if someone doesn't know how to ride, just put her behind another horse, and they'll never even need to pick up the reins. She is not spooky in the least bit, and if something runs across the trail, all you get out of her is a flinch. She stands for tacking and mounting, and waits to be told to move on. When I bring her out in the morning, there is never even a reason to put a leadrope on her, just open the gate, and she goes and stands at the hitching rack and waits for you. Serenity is perfect for someone looking for a best friend, and just a slow and relaxed ride. **Serenity has been seen by a vet and received a new Coggins, has been given her vaccines, and wormed every 3 months. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsRk2FsEmtQ Call 314-608-1800


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