**SOLD** Dependable Little Appy Mare, Loves to Ride!

$ 1,800
Type: Horses
Category: Appaloosa


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Daisy Mae is a 13yr old 13.3 hand tall Bay Appaloosa Mare. This girl is a riding fool, and LOVES to ride and is always ready to go. Don't let her size fool you, put her with the tall horses that walk out fast, and she will keep up, or even outwalk them! Take her for a leisurely stroll, and she'll drop her head and mosey along. Daisy Mae is very gentle and dependable, and has absolutely no buck or rear to her. We have tried for a few months to find anything out here that will spook her, and haven't come across anything. The only thing she will do if there is scary stuff around, is walk faster, but never even flinch at anything. She neck reins or direct reins, knows her leg cues, backs, and has perfect and instant brakes. She will walk, trot or canter, and has one of the most amazing trots that I have seen in quite a few years...you can ride it from morning till night, if you choose! Daisy Mae never goes into a trot until told, nor a canter until asked. She was trail ridden by 2 girls that were 10yrs and 14yrs old. I wouldn't recommend her for real little kids, because the way she can walk out, would probably intimidate them. She would also be perfect for a small adult. If you ask Daisy to cross something, she goes right thru or ever it, and is not bothered by mud or water. She is used to being ridden down the road with traffic, and we have had buses, trash trucks, truck pulling a backhoe bouncing around, and numerous cars go by her, and she could care less, even when out riding the road alone. I swear, her nerves are made of steel, and you can trust that she is going to take care of you. She is so, so friendly and sweet natured, and is always at your side in the pasture. She stands tied to a hitching rack, or line ties for camping. Daisy does not move for tacking up, no does she move when you mount her. She is happy to leave the barn whether riding out alone or with buddies, and does not rush back to the barn on the way home. Her hooves are excellent, and we have been riding her barefooted on the rocks for the past few months, you'll feel her give once in a while on a sharp one, but that's the extent of it. She picks her feet up very easily, and is great with the vet and shots and wormer. I grew up with Appy's, and am a firm believer, there's good ones and bad ones, no in between...and Daisy is definitely one of the good ones! And even has a mane and long tail!!!! **Daisy Mae has been seen by a vet and received a new Coggins, and has been given her vaccines and wormings. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq9AiGmnmNk Call 314-608-1800


  • Category: Appaloosa
  • Type: Horses
  • Ad Type: For Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Name: Daisy Mae
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 13 yrs
  • Height: 13.3 hands
  • Color: Bay
  • Temperament: 1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
  • Registered: No

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