**SOLD** Super Gentle Haflinger Mare - 2 for 1

$ 3,500
Type: Horses
Category: Haflinger


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Dolly is a 10yr old 14 hand tall gorgeous Haflinger Mare. This girl is way beyond gentle, and such a baby-doll. She has been used for trail riding, pulling a buggy single and as a team, used as a lesson horse for beginners, and used in handicap therapy. You are getting 2 for the price of one, with a baby Haflinger due any time now. She is a good, good mare, and will let you do absolutely anything at all with her. Dolly will go anywhere and do anything for you, and is super easy to handle, and is such an obedient girl. She has your very sweet and friendly personality, that Haflingers are famous for, and will be your best friend. She is perfect for beginners, because her training is simple and to the point, with no fancy cues to confuse a beginner rider. Pull to the left, and Dolly turns left, pull to the right, and Dolly turns to the right, pull back and Dolly stops, pull back more, and dolly goes in reverse. Every step of Dolly's ride is smooth and comfortable, and her trot is fabulous and you will not move and inch, no matter what speed she is going...she will make anyone look like they have a very good seat and balance. As far as her looks, do they really get any cuter looking than this?? She rides alone without a single ounce of trouble, and is not barn or buddy sour what-so-ever, or is happy as can be to hit the trails with a group of horses. She is not spooky in the slightest bit, and does not hesitate when asked to cross or go thru anything. She is not a prissy type of girl, and will plow right thru the mud and muck , and does not fuss if tree branches are hitting her in the face. On the ground, Dolly has complete respect for anyone handling her, and does not try to push or pull when being led. Never a single ounce of buck, rear, kick or bite, just very safe and simple, with a very easy way of going about her. She comes right up to the gate when she see you, and is super easy to catch, stands still for tacking and mounting and will even help when you are putting the bridle or halter on. Dolly is Miss Calm, Cool and Collect, and is so easy to get along with. She adores being loved on and groomed, and is always cocking her leg and relaxing when being fussed over. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxYPt9xBhFE Call 314-608-1800


  • Category: Haflinger
  • Type: Horses
  • Ad Type: For Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Name: Dolly
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 10 yrs
  • Height: 14 hands
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Temperament: 1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
  • Registered: No

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