About us

Our main mission, is to take a good horse, and make it even better! One area we put very much emphasis on is building the horses confidence, so that they are comfortable not only riding out with other horses, but being able to ride out and on the trails alone. We ride all of our horses in a very relaxed manner, and with very soft hands...no "Cowboying them" here! Our horses are not worked, nor round penned before riding them, and if we can't just pull them out of the pasture and throw on a saddle and ride, then there is no place for them here.

Please contact us at any time for an appointment to see our horses.  We are also happy to help with setting up arrangements for transportation anywhere in the US, and to the Canadian border.  All of our horses are seen by a vet, and receive a new Coggins, and are ready for travel.

Contact Kelli Brewer at 314-608-1800



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