**SOLD** Horse For The Whole Family, Perfect For Beginners!

$ 2,300
Type: Horses
Category: Quarter Horse


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Dandi is an 11yr old 15 hand tall Bay Quarter Horse Mare. She is the perfect horse for the whole family, no matter what level riders you have, excellent girl for beginners! Dandi is very, very gentle, and is calm, cool & collect no matter what the situation is. If she is in a situation that she is unsure about, Dandi looks at it, thinks it thru, then proceeds on the safest route. If it is a windy day with a storm moving in, she shows her nervousness by walking slightly faster, which just pretty much brings her up to a normal horses speed. Her natural walk is a slower speed, but when riding with other horses, she will match whatever pace they are going. Dandi has a nice and relaxed walk, a very pleasant and smooth trot, and a nice canter, and she will do all with a kick of the heel. She has an amazing neck rein, direct reins, moves off of outside leg pressure, backs, and has an instant set of brakes. Dandi has an automatic transmission, and is pretty much push button. Very, very easy to ride!! She will not hesitate, nor deny you of anything...if you point her, she goes, If Dandi can get thru it, she will cross it for you. She absolutely LOVE water, and will practically beg you to go into it or cross it! She could care less if she is out riding alone all day long, and does not have a single ounce of buddy or barn sourness to her. When with other horses, she is just as happy whether she is leading the trail or following behind. Her attitude is just very laid back and agreeable, no matter what you are asking of her. Dandi's manners are perfect, whether you are on the ground leading her, or in the saddle riding her. If your kids like to be silly with there horses, Dandi is perfect for that, and has no problem with laying on her, turning around and riding backwards, sitting sideways, or hoping on and riding bareback with just a halter and leadrope. She is always the first one to meet you at the gate, loves getting attention and falls asleep while being groomed, and picks her hooves up just by touching her lower legs. A child could tack her up, because she stands perfectly still for saddling and cinching up the girth, and opens her mouth to help you bridle her. Open the trailer door, and Dandi loads right up and waits to be hauled. When camping, she if fine staying in a stall, or is used to being line tied over night. Excellent trail horse, or just as content riding around the farm and exploring new things, and is perfectly fine with riding down the road with traffic going by. They actually could not have named Dandi any better...because she is definitely one "dandi" of a girl!!!!! **Dandi has been seen by a vet and received a new Coggins, vaccines and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byw54Ueuzjo Call 314-608-1800


  • Category: Quarter Horse
  • Type: Horses
  • Ad Type: For Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Name: Dandi
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 11 yrs
  • Height: 15 hands
  • Color: Bay
  • Temperament: 1 - Calm (Bomb Proof) (1 - calm; 10 - spirited)
  • Registered: No

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